FAQ: Policy on Relics

The Provincial Archives cannot provide relics of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton or any other saint.

Under Canon Law and Vatican Protocol N. 390/93, relics can be granted only for public veneration in a church, oratory, or chapel. In no case can a relic be given to individuals for private veneration. Parish churches wishing to procure a relic for public veneration must make their request in writing through their pastor to the Vatican. The request must have the NIHIL OBSTAT from the local bishop. We cannot assist in this.

Protocol N. 390/93 also states that relics such as those held in the Daughters of Charity Archives cannot be given out for any of the above approved uses. All requests for relics MUST be made to the Vatican through these dictated channels. We will continue to follow this protocol until we receive other direction from the Vatican in the form of a revision. The rules are clear and do not allow exceptions.

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