FAQ: Academic Transcripts

The Daughters of Charity have run two liberal arts colleges (St. Joseph College in Emmitsburg and Marillac College in St. Louis) and a nursing college (Laboure College in Dorchester, MA). The Daughters have run many hospitals, and many of those hospitals had schools of nursing attached to them at one time. The Daughters have also taught in many high schools around the country. We are often asked to provide transcripts for students who attended Daughter of Charity educational institutions. For the most part, we do not maintain academic transcripts.

This FAQ contains:

  • Information on where to inquire further for transcripts we do not have
  • Information on obtaining transcripts we do have

St. Joseph College, Emmitsburg
St. Joseph College transcripts are held by the State of Maryland and serviced by the State of Maryland. Direct inquiries to:
Maryland Higher Education Commission
Division of Planning & Academic Affairs
6 North Liberty Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
phone: 800-974-0203
fax number, 410-332-0270

Laboure College, Dorchester, MA
Send transcript inquiries to the Registrar’s Office at Laboure College.

Marillac College, St. Louis
Marillac College transcripts are held by the Provincial Archives, and we service them. Use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us. We will send the paperwork to request a transcript. There is a $5.00 fee for official transcripts; $3.00 fee for unofficial transcripts. For security reasons, transcripts cannot be emailed.

Hospital-based schools of nursing
The Provincial Archives does not have transcripts from any school of nursing connected with a DC hospital.

There is no single answer to where nursing transcripts might reside. Laws concerning the retention of academic records differ from state to state. If the hospital was sold the records of the hospital, including the school of nursing, often passed to the successor hospital.

Possible places to inquire concerning school of nursing transcripts:

  • If the hospital which sponsored the nursing school still exists, contact the hospital’s medical records department.
  • State nursing boards
  • State departments of higher education
  • State archives. The Council of State Archivists maintains a list of links to state archives in every state.

We do know that nursing transcripts from Hotel Dieu Hospital in New Orleans were lost in Hurricane Katrina.

DC high schools
We do not have transcripts from any secondary school. If the school is still active, the school would have the transcripts. If the school is no longer active, the most likely sources are the diocese/archdiocese where the school was located, state education departments, or state archives.

Use the form below to contact us with questions concerning transcripts.

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