Finding Aids by Title (S)

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Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Finding Aid
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Simon G. Bruté (Most Rev.)
Simon Bruté Correspondence Inventory A#1-71
Simon Bruté Correspondence Inventory B#1-150
Simon Bruté Correspondence Inventory B#151-278
Simon Bruté Correspondence Inventory C#1-16
Simon Bruté Sketches Inventory

Spanish-American War Collection

Special Services – Epidemics

Spiritual Music Collection

St. Anne’s Home, St. Louis, MO

St. Anthony Home/St. Vincent Maternity Hospital, Kansas City, MO

St. Cyprian House, Georgetown, SC

St. Elizabeth’s Home, New Orleans, LA

St. Francis Xavier School, Gettysburg, PA

St. Joseph’s Academy, Emmitsburg, MD

St. Joseph College, Emmitsburg, MD

St. Joseph Orphan Asylum, Philadelphia

St. Joseph Parish, East St. Louis, IL

St. Joseph School, East St. Louis, IL

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Chicago, IL

St. Joseph’s Orphanage, Oak Cliff/Dallas, TX

St. Mary’s Asylum, St. Louis, MO

St. Philomena’s Technical School, St. Louis, MO

St. Regis Residence, East St. Louis, IL

St. Rose’s Orphan Asylum, Milwaukee, WI

St. Vincent Free School, St. Louis Finding Aid

St. Vincent’s Asylum, Philadelphia, PA

St. Vincent’s Infant Home, New Orleans, LA