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New resources added to Bibliography page

Links to some new resources have been added to the “Bibliography” page.

All Things Vincentian
Research portal bringing together digital Vincentian source material, journal articles, image collections, archives, exhibits and online conversation.

Charpy, Elisabeth D.C. (2010) “A Challenge to Napoleon: The Defiance of the Daughters of Charity,” Vincentian Heritage Journal: Vol. 30: Iss. 2, Article 3.

Metz, Judith S.C. (1999) “By What Authority? The Founding of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati,” Vincentian Heritage Journal: Vol.
20: Iss. 1, Article 4.

Poole, Marie D.C. (1999) “Vincent In Translation,” Vincentian Heritage Journal: Vol. 20: Iss. 2, Article 1.

Vincent dePaul Image Archive

Vincentian History Research Network
An online forum designed for researchers and scholars on Vincentian topics broadly considered. This is a place to learn about Vincentian resources, share current research projects, ask questions about possible archival and bibliographic resources, announce publications or participation in conferences, and seek grant funding. Members of the VHRN can share in other ways that will support a community of “Vincentian” scholars.

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Louise de Marillac Exhibit and St. Vincent’s Reading List


Seen here is an image from one of the oldest books in our collection: La Vie de Mademoiselle le Gras: Fondatrice et Premiére Supérieure de la Compagnie des Filles de la Charité, Servantes de Pauvres Malades, by Nicolas Gobillon. Paris: Chez André Pralard, 1676. . This book is now on display through April 19, as part of our Louise de Marillac exhibit.

Special Collections and Archives at Richardson Library, DePaul University, also has a copy of Gobillon from 1676. DePaul’s copy of the book is featured in a recurring blog series from DePaul University entitled St. Vincent’s Reading List. The series explories texts known to have been read and recommended by Saint Vincent de Paul, those which can be presumed to have been read by him, and works published during his lifetime (1581-1660) illustrating his world. All materials discussed are held by DePaul University’s Richardson Library.

St. Vincent’s Reading List: Entry for Gobillon’s Life of Mademoiselle le Gras

St. Vincent’s Reading List (DePaul University): Entire Series

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Bibliography page additions

We’ve added to the bibliography page additional links from the Vatican and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops for the study of the Catholic Church. Also new are additional links from the Library of Congress for the study of the Civil War. Scroll all the way down to find them. If you know of a helpful online resource that you would like to see included, please let us know. Thanks!

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