Digitzed Materials Available: Mother Seton Guild and Seton Causeway

Good news! Working with our partners at Catholic Research Resources Alliance – CRRA, we have digitized and made available every edition of the Mother Seton Guild Bulletin and the Mother Seton Causeway! These publications were an integral way of invigorating the laity and promoting Elizabeth Ann Seton’s recognition as a saint. Beginning in 1941, they cover the acceptance of her canonization cause and her Beatification. In 1973, the series transitioned to a new title, “The Seton Causeway,” which covered her canonization in 1975 and the celebrations in Rome and the United States.

The link below will take you to a subject guide for the entire run of the newsletters. You can also search “Mother Seton Guild” or “Seton Causeway” and narrow your search down by date.


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One response to “Digitzed Materials Available: Mother Seton Guild and Seton Causeway

  1. Mother Seton will truely be missed. Thank you for sharing.


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