19th century medicine advertisement

Mason's Health Defenders - Front Mason's  Health Defenders - Back








The Daughters of Charity have been caring for the sick since 1633, and they have witnessed many advances in medicine. Recently, While arranging and describing the records of a mission in Philadelphia, we came across this ad for “Mason’s Health Defenders”. We do not know whether the Daughters ever used this medicine in their work, nor do we have any information about the effectiveness of these medicines. However, advertisements like this are an interesting window into 19th-century medical practices.

“Catarrh” means congestion, especially congestion associated with the common cold.
“Piles” is another word for hemorrhoids
“Croup” is an upper respiratory infection, commonly found among children and marked by a harsh barking cough

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  1. Kyle Mason

    My 1st cousin Henry T Mason of Germantown (Philadelphia) PA was the manufacturer of these medicines. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Kyle Mason


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