Vincentian Martyrs – Francois, Gruyer, and Rogue

On September 2 the Vincentian Family commemorates three Vincentian Martyrs of the French Revolution: Louise Joseph Francois, John Henry Gruyer,and Peter Rene Rogue.

Louis Joseph Francois was born February 3, 1751 and ordained in 1773. He devoted himself primarily to parish ministry. He was killed at St. Firmin’s Seminary (formerly College des Bon Enfants) in Paris along with John Henry Gruyer.

John Henry Gruyer was born near Dole on June 13, 1734. After his ordination he devoted his life to the formation of clergy. He was murdered at St. Firmin’s Seminary where he was superior on September 3, 1792, for refusing to take the Constitutional Oath.

Peter Rene Rogue was born June 11, 1758 and ordained a priest in 1782. His ministries were the education of clergy and parish ministry, in spite of the dangers of the Revolution. He was beheaded in his native town of Vannes on March 3, 1796.

Francois and Gruyer were beatified on October 17, 1826. Rogue was beatified on May 10, 1934.

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