Preservation activities: American Rule of 1812

Mary Wootton and Dee Gallo examine American Rule

Conservator Mary Wootton (left) and Provincial Archivist Dee Gallo examine the American Rule of 1812

(Image used with permission of Mary Wootton)
Our collections are unique and irreplaceable, and preservation measures are an ongoing activity for the Provincial Archives. Today, Dee Gallo (right) met with conservator Mary Wootton to discuss conservation treatments for one of the most historically valuable items in our collection: The Regulations for the Society of Sisters of Charity in the United States of America, commonly known as the American Rule of 1812. The American Rule is an English translation of the French rule of the Daughters of Charity, modified by Elizabeth Ann Seton and the Sulpicians for the Emmitsburg community. It was approved by Bishop John Carroll in 1812.

Conserving the American Rule will be a labor-intensive process, as each of the book’s 60 leaves will receive attention. Pages will be cleaned, existing mends will be removed, and new mends will be done with Japanese paper. The book will then receive a new binding and a custom-made box.

We are pleased to be working once again with Mary, whose efforts will ensure that the American Rule will last for many years into the future.


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3 responses to “Preservation activities: American Rule of 1812

  1. So were the Sisters of Charity modeled on the Daughters of Charity even before they affiliated in 1850?


    • Correct. The community rules used by Mother Seton and the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph’s (The American Rule of 1812) were based on those of the Daughters of Charity. From 1812 to 1850 the community was modeled on the Daughters of Charity. In 1850 the Emmitsburg community merged with France and in doing so became part of the international community of the Daughters of Charity.


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