Last days of Elizabeth Ann Seton – January 3, 1821

Sketch of Elizabeth Ann Seton

Sketch of Elizabeth Ann Seton by Simon Gabriel Bruté, 1821. Handwritten text reads:
“3d january 1821 last words to her: “ask & you [words “shall receive” crossed out] ask our Jesus, his heaven to see him, love him, praise & you shall receive — ask & you shall receive –“…” Image and all text used with permission of the Daughters of Charity Province of St. Louise Archives.

Account of Simon Bruté taken from Mother Seton: Notes by Rev. Simon Gabriel Bruté (Bishop of Vincennes) (Emmitsburg, 1884)

January 3, I have seen Mother a moment this morning. In the same situation and quiet disposition.
In the afternoon as I went to open the retreat of the children for their First Communion, I entered her room to request her to bless them, and pray for them, saying, may be [sic] our Lord would spare her to have one Communion more with them on the day of Epiphany. I told her I was beginning with them by the joy the Angels announced to the shepherds, and that which the good Magi felt seeing the star. I repeated to her the verse that says, God does for us “more than we think or ask,” and at last the “Ask, and you shall receive,” which I believe I had said also in the morning. “Ask Heaven, Mother! The truth and love of our Jesus are pledged, having said ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ Ask Heaven.”

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