Last days of Elizabeth Ann Seton – January 2, 1821

Sketch of Mother Seton

Sketch of Elizabeth Ann Seton by Simon Gabriel Bruté, 1821. Handwritten text at the bottom reads, “Mother 2d january 1821 after mass”. Handwritten text at the top reads, “Come thou shalt be crowned.” Image and all text used with permission of the Daughters of Charity Province of St. Louise Archives.

January 4 is the feast day of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. Our blog posts for January 2, 3, and 4 will highlight Mother Seton’s final days, as recorded by Simon Gabriel Bruté, Mother Seton’s spiritual director. The accounts are taken from Mother Seton: Notes by Rev. Simon Gabriel Bruté (Bishop of Vincennes) (Emmitsburg, 1884).

(pages 20-21).
2 January. After Mass, at which I recommended prayers for the Mother of the Visitation at Georgetown, whose happy rest in our Lord, I heard yesterday, I was called to Mother “like dying.” I went, and she looked almost so.

“I will repeat some acts to you”, said I, kneeling by her. “You need but say yes.”

I thus suggested acts of love, thanksgiving, contrition, acceptation of His will – all His adorable and amiable will in every order of life and death. I added an act of petition, to grant her Heaven, to love Him, and praise Him forever. She assented with the “yes” or motion of the head and lips. I repeated the holy absolution; then offered the last indulgence which she was willing to receive.
I went to vest, and many Sisters came in. She joined, to her best, while I read the indulgence, for which I made her repeat the holy names of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

I offered to read the Departing Prayers, and together we said the Litany and the first prayer, “Depart,” she uniting, but at the end of the second she seemed fatigued, and to spare her I ceased, asking her to prayer for all and bless all, to which she answered: — “be sure!” I retired.

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  1. Sister Rita Bozel

    I have probably heard or read this before, but his is good to review prior to her feast.


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