Conference of Mother Seton’s Daughters, October 28-29, 1947 – part 2

Mother Seton's Daughters meeting 1947 attendees

Attendees at First Conference of Mother Seton’s Daughters, 1947

Attendees at the first Conference of Mother Seton’s Daughters in 1947 included:
Mother Mary Josephine and Sister Mary, Mount Saint Vincent-on-the-Hudson, New York
Mother Mary Evaristus and Sister Maurita, Mount St. Vincent, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mother Maria Benedict and Sister Miriam Fidelis, Seton Hill, Greensburg, Pennsulvania
Sister Estelle and Sister Henrietta, Marillac Seminary, Missouri, Western Province of the Daughters of Charity
Sister Isabel, Visitatrix, Saint Joseph’s, Emmitsburg, Maryland
Sister Marie Helen and Sister Helen Cecilia, St. Elizabeth’s, New Jersey
(In the published agenda and proceedings, the Sisters are identified only by first names)
Moderator of the Conference was Most Reverend John McNamara, then Administrator of the Archdiocese of Baltimore and Washington.

The theme of the 1947 conference was how to further interest in the cause of Mother Seton. Sessions focused on three means of doing so: prayer in each community, propagation of knowledge of Mother Seton, and community works. The meeting also included visits to Shrines of Mother Seton and a Mother Seton Pageant presented by students of St. Joseph’s College.

One of the actions taken during this initial meeting was the adoption of an approved likeness of Mother Seton for uses connected with her cause. The image chosen by the participants was the well-known Filicchi portrait, a version of which can be seen in our August 26 blog post.

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