Canonization of St. Louise de Marillac: Account of March 13, 1934

(From “Chronicle of the American Sisters of the Eastern Province of the Canonization of St. Louise” [1934], used with permission of the Daughters of Charity Provincial Archives)

March 13 [1934] – Second day of the Triduum … [The] audience with the Holy Father [took] place at noon. The wind was blowing gale as we crossed the Tiber to St. Peter’s but wind and everything else was forgotten for the time being. Through the Colonnade into the Vatican Palace, up the marble stairs to the Throne Room. At the far end stood the Pontifical Throne on the left of which were on display all the gifts of our Most Honored Mother to His Holiness … The floor space on the left was filed with the clergy; on the right were the Visitatrices and their Assistants. Sr. Paula and Sister Gertrude were in that group. Above these two sections were tribunes, one on each side, filled with members of the Congregation of the Mission. Beyond this to the door was one sea of cornettes with only a narrow passage between for the Holy Father.

… His Holiness did not appear until about 2:30. He was hailed by loud applause and shouts of “Vive le Pape!” as he entered the hall … [He] addressed the audience for about twenty minutes … At the close of the audience the Holy Father rose and gave us his Pontifical Blessing … The great event was over. We had seen and heard Pius XI and were carrying away within ourselves and for those near and dear to us, the blessing of the Vicar of Christ.

A few familiar American faces appeared amongst the students and priests in the tribunes. Our Western Sisters were pleased to see their Director, Reverend John J. Cronin, C.M., who was accompanied by Father Lavelle.

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