100th Anniversary of Armistice

The Daughters from the two American Provinces at the time served on the Italian front of the Great War as nurses.  They kept meticulous details of their experiences in the War to End All Wars, and the sisters at home were well-informed of the news overseas.

Annals of the Province of the United States, Nov. 10-11, 1918

Nov. 10: “In the afternoon a visitor coming from Washington brought the news that the armistice would be signed and that the Kaiser and other members of the Hohenzolle[r]n family had abdicated.”

Nov. 11: “The armistice was signed this morning and all fighting ceased at eleven o’clock. the cities are wild in demonstrations of joy – here we thought our celebration of last Thursday sufficient – the pupils had a holiday and a parade down the Avenue and they sang patriotic songs, made all the noise they could.”

Photographs and slides from the front are available to researchers, as well as World War I diaries and correspondence.

Coming Home - 1919 - 64A

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