National Catholic Schools Week – Sister Annina Fox, S.C.

Sister Annina Fox, SC (courtesy Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill)

Sister Annina Fox, SC (image courtesy Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill)

By Sister Louise Grundish, S.C., archivist, Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill

In celebration of Catholic Schools Week, the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill remember Sister Annina Fox, SC. Sister Annina attended St Philip School in Crafton, PA. She entered the Sisters of Charity in 1937. Sister Annina returned to St Philip School as a teacher. She also served as principal of the school. After her time as principal she remained at the school as librarian and later a volunteer. Her dedication to the children of the parish was outstanding and she was a beloved member of the Crafton community as well as the school community. When Sister Annina retired to the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity a fund called the Sister Annina Fund was established to help students who needed support. Sister Annina died on December 16, 2010. She continues to be fondly remembered by the many students whose lives she touched. As St Philp School celebrates its 100th year Anniversary many stories of Sister Annina and other Sisters of Charity are being shared. Congratulations to all who celebrate this special week.

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