Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

(December 7, 1947 letter to St. John’s Hospital, Lowell, MA used with permission of the Daughters of Charity Archives)

Over the weekend we marked the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. The Provincial Annals for the following day recorded the news of the events in Hawaii.

December 8 [1941]
Our great Feast of the Immaculate Conception, celebrated with Solemn High Mass at eight o’clock. Father Cloonan was the celebrant, assisted by Seminarians … This day is ever to be remembered, as the news was made known that the United States had declared war with Japan. It had been rumored for some days past that this dreaded news might be expected. The fighting is going on in Manila.

In the years following World War II the American provinces of the Daughters of Charity received many letters similar to the one below. In response both provinces of the Daughters of Charity in the U.S. organized war relief efforts which sent food and clothing to Sisters and poor persons in post-war Europe. This letter comes from the records of St. John’s Hospital in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Heinburg, Dec. 7, 1947
My Most Reverend and dear Sister:

The grace of Our Lord be with us forever.

Through Very Reverend Weiser, (Boston, Mass), I heard of the charity and benevolence of you, most reverend and dear Sister. Permit me, therefore, now before Christmas to knock on the door of your sympathetic heart and to beg for soap, starch, [wool] stockings, Cornette linen, and linen, etc., and whatever your kindness and generosity can spare. We are most grateful for anything, as we were completely burned out, and through the ration cards we can barely obtain the bare necessities with the greatest difficulty. Two third [sic] of our Motherhouse in Graz was destroyed by fire and for the last two years the Sisters are living in a private home, awaiting the completion of the building of the motherhouse, God willing, and hope to have it ready in the coming year. We are contented and happy due to the fact that we are working in an Orphanage connected with the mills.

May the Divine Child bless and reward you. I wish you, most reverend and Dear Sister a very blessed and holy Christmas and New Year, I remain in the love of Jesus and Mary, my dear most reverend Sister.

Your humble,
Sister Girarda Ulz,

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