Canonization of Louise de Marillac

Louise de Marillac statue

This statue of Louise de Marillac now resides at the Province of St. Louise’s headquarters in St. Louis, MO (photo by Lisa Johnston)

Louise de Marillac’s feast day falls on March 15; however, March 11, 1934 is the actual date of her canonization. Here is a short passage about the event written by one of the American Daughters of Charity who attended the canonization ceremony in Rome.

The tens of thousands of faithful filling the Basilica rose to their feet … Pius XI, seated on the Cathedra, the Chair of Peter, in quality of Doctor and Infallible Head of the Church, solemnly uttered the formula of the Canonization and Louise de Marillac in that moment became Saint Louise. A few formalities were exchanged and then the Holy Father rose and intoned the Te Deum. The choir took it up and hundreds of priestly voices joined in, alternately, making the effect most impressive. At the end the Holy Father recited the prayer of Saint Louise and immediately after this the Cardinal Deacon sang the Confiteor, naming Saint Louise after the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. A final Pontifical blessing and the great ceremony of the Canonization of St. Louise de Marillac was accomplished …

In 2013 we did a series of blog posts with first-hand accounts of the days leading up to Louise’s canonization and the Triduum Masses which followed.

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  1. Jessica Morais

    Olá sou de uma comunidade do Brasil em Minas Gerais. Que recebeu o nome da Santa que por sinal é nossa Padroeira Santa Luísa de Marilac, cidade de Marilac. E gostaríamos de saber mais de nossa Padroeira temos poucos relatos sobre ela e às Filhas da Caridade. Não temos imagens para distribuição, medalhas, histórias. Se possível nos fornecer contatos para que possamos nos informar mais sobre agradeceremos muito.


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