Feast of St. Catherine Laboure

Catherine and Mary statue

Statue showing Catherine Laboure kneeling before Blessed Mother, now on display in the Provincial Archives

(Image used with permission of the Daughters of Charity Provincial Archives)
November 28 is the feast day of St. Catherine Laboure. St Catherine Labouré was born on the 2nd of May 1806 at Fain les-Moutiers, a picturesque village of Burgundy, France. In 1830, during her novitiate with the Daughters of Charity in Paris, she received a number of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, who confided to her the mission of having the Miraculous Medal made. For the next 46 years Catherine told no one except her confessor about the apparitions.

Catherine died on December 31, 1876. When her body was exhumed 57 years later, in connection with her cause for canonization, it was found to be in perfect condition. Her body can still be seen today in the Chapel of the Daughters of Charity Mother House. Catherine Laboure was canonized by Pope Pius XII on July 27, 1947.

The image seen here shows Catherine kneeling in front of Blessed Mother during one of the apparitions. It will be on display in the Provincial Archives through December 31 as part of our exhibit, “Oh Mary Conceived Without Sin”

“When I go to the Chapel I place myself before the good God and I say to Him: ‘Lord, here I am, give me what You will.’ If He gives me something, I am very pleased and I thank Him. If He gives me nothing, I still thank Him because I do not deserve anything. And then again, I tell Him all that passes through my mind; I recount my pains and my joys and … I listen. If you listen to Him, He will speak to you also, because with the good God it is necessary to speak and to listen.” — Catherine Laboure


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