Were the DCs buried wearing the cornette?

The history of the Daughters of Charity cornette habit is one of our most popular research topics. Today, we received a reference question concerning the cornette habit that we’ve never been asked before: When Sisters died, were they buried wearing the cornette? A check with some of the Sisters gave us the answer.

It turns out that yes, Sisters were buried in the full habit, including the chaplet (the special rosary worn by the Sisters with the cornette habit) and the cornette. The cornette was worn just as it was worn in life, but, in order to allow the casket to close, the cornette would be moved downward slightly so that it covered more of the Sister’s face.

Today the Sisters’ habit includes a simple coiffe, and Sisters have the option of wearing it or not wearing it. Sisters are buried wearing the habit with or without the coife according to their wish.


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2 responses to “Were the DCs buried wearing the cornette?

  1. It’s an interesting question that I had never thought about before.


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