Daughters of Charity Vow Day

Today, Daughters of Charity around the world are renewing their vows. We pray for all the Sisters, especially the Sisters curently serving on the Archives staff: Sr. Joan Angermaier and Sr. Rosa Lee Kramer.

“I ask Our Lord to bless you and to fill you with His Spirit so that, from now on, you will live by this same Spirit, humble and obedient like Him. In that way, dear Sisters, you’ll be living of His life. O Savior, this is what I ask of you, that they may live only of Your life by imitating Your virtues. To obtain this grace, Sisters, let’s have recourse to the Blessed Virgin, Mother of Mercy and your great patroness. Say to her, ‘Since the Company of Charity has been established under the standard of your perfection, if we’ve hitherto called you our Mother, we now entreat you to accept the offering we make you ofthe Company in general and each of its members in particular. And because you allow us to call you Mother, and you are the Mother of Mercy, the channel through which all mercy flows; and because, as we believe, you obtained from God the establishment of this Company, be pleased to take it under Your protection.’

“Let’s place ourselves under her guidance, Sisters, let’s promise to give ourselves to her Son and to her without reserve so that she may be the guide of the Company in general and of each Sister in particular.”

Vincent de Paul, Conference of December 8, 1658
(From: Vincent de Paul: Correspondence, Conferences, and Documents, ed. Sr. Marie Poole, DC. Volume 10, p.500)


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2 responses to “Daughters of Charity Vow Day

  1. Maureen Smith

    What a lovely way to remind us all of these good women, their dedication, and their remarkable history.
    Maureen M. Smith
    St. Joseph College Alumnae Association Board of Trustees


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