Selected bibliography and links to resources on Daughters of Charity and Sisters of Charity history, with an emphasis on sources available online.

Directories of archives and special collections departments

Online Repositories

  • FAMVIN is an online encyclopedia of all things Vincentian, and an ongoing newsletter of events and celebrations within the Vincentian Family.
  • Photographicus Baltimorensis – Blog focusing on Maryland photographers of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Via Sapientiae, from DePaul University, contains a wealth of full-text searchable information on all aspects of Daughter of Charity and Vincentian History. All the titles below are available through Via Sapientiae. All of them are also available in hard copy in the Provincial Archives.
  • Vincent dePaul Image Archive. Maintained by Fr. John Rybolt, of DePaul University. Includes images of Vincent de Paul, Louise de Marillac, early Daughters of Charity, and Vincentian places.
  • Vincentian Heritage is a scholarly journal produced by DePaul University. All the articles from the journal, 1981 to the present, are available on Via Sapientiae. As of 2013, the journal is published entirely in electronic form and can be accessed through Via Sapientiae. The Provincial Archives has a set of the hard copies, from 1981-2012.

Online discussion forums

  • Vincentian History Research Network
    “The Vincentian History Research Network (VHRN) is a dynamic online forum designed for researchers and scholars on Vincentian topics broadly considered. This is a place to learn about Vincentian resources, share current research projects, ask questions about possible archival and bibliographic resources, announce publications or participation in conferences, and seek grant funding. Members of the VHRN can share in other ways that will support a community of “Vincentian” scholars.” Anyone can view the postings, but registration is required to post comments.

Select Bibliography
Daughters of Charity and Sisters of Charity History – General

Vincent de Paul

Louise de Marillac

Elizabeth Ann Seton

Daughters of Charity in the Civil War

Rosalie Rendu

Frederic Ozanam

Online Resources from the Vatican – All of these are available in Latin (still the official language of the Catholic Church), in English, and a variety of other languages.

Resources from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Catholic Church in America

Civil War – Resources from the Library of Congress American Memory Project

Civil War Resources from the Cornell University Making of America Project

PBS – Ken Burns’ The Civil War
PBS has an excellent companion website for the Ken Burns documentary, with bibliography and additional links for the study of the Civil War.

See also: our blog post on Satterlee Military Hospital resources in the DC collections, at the National Archives, and at the College of Physicians in Philadelphia.

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  1. You might want to remove the link for Maryland Digital Cultural Heritage under Online Repositories. I clicked on it and I got a site for “Male Enhancement product”


  2. Hello, I am looking fo information regarding a family member. She is noted for a dissertation she wrote in 1949 about the Daughters of Charity in the Spanish American war. She was Sr Gertrude Fenner. How might I get information on her? She would have been my great Aunt. I took Gertrude as a confirmation name in her honor, but never met her. Thank you.
    Teresa Fenner Spadafora


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